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Spirits of the World

A unique collection of fine spirits from around the globe! Click through the gallery to see all of the wonderful selections.

Acoustic Cigar Box Guitar

Electric Cigar Box Guitar with Amp

The Arts at Hummingbird Hill Cigar Box Guitars

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The guitars are handcrafted in the hills of East Tennessee. Using cigar boxes, license plates, or even crutches, each beautiful guitar is one of a kind. Hummingbird Hill offers both acoustic and electric cigar-box guitars as well as custom amplifiers. They are truly smokin’ instruments. Click through the gallery to see the auction items.                

Bogie's Favorite Toys Basket

Bogie says, I came to SARG about 4 years ago and they helped me find my forever home with my dad. My dad buys me lots of toys and treats and he even lets me drive the truck sometimes. So this year dad said we were going to bring a very special basket of my favorite toys. Well, imagine my surprise when dad ordered new toys, I thought I was sendin MY favorites, some are kinda dirty and I’ve chewed on them. So dad ordered all these toys and someone can take them home after the gala. I wish I were there, I have to stay home with my sister and my governess. I can’t be alone, dad said something about getting on the kitchen counter and eating all the treats off of the top of the refrigerator. All these toys have chewguard technology. I can shake them and they are really hard to tear up but I love to chew them.

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